the-quest The quest for competences of a future-oriented entrepreneur By: Anna Sacio-Szymańska (originally published at LinkedIN)   “Whoever imagines...
before-newsletter   We are glad to announce that the first newsletter of the before project "Becoming Future-ORiented Entrepreneurs in universities and companies"...
oresight-europe-networkmeeting Foresight Europe NetworkMeeting, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14thof June 2017, Turku, Finland Foresight Europe Network aims to advance...
entrepreneurs-of-the-future-designing-educational-offer-for-universities-and-companiesOn 28th February 2017, thanks to the courtesy of the Department of Radom Economic Zone Service, the partners of the project „Becoming Future-ORiented...

On June 17th 2015, elections to the Institute’s Scientific Council for the 2015-2019 term were held and the following members were appointed:


prof. dr hab. inż. Wiesław ZWIERZYCKI – Chairman
dr hab inż. Remigiusz MICHALCZEWSKI. prof ITeE - PIB – Deputy Chairman
dr Beata BELINA – Secretary


prof. dr hab. inż. Jerzy BAJKOWSKI  
prof. dr hab. inż. Wojciech CHOLEWA
prof. dr hab. inż. Józef GAWLIK
prof. dr hab. inż. Piotr KULA
prof. dr hab. inż. Józef SZALA


dr hab. inż. Jolanta DRABIK
dr inż. Marian GRĄDKOWSKI
prof. dr hab. inż. Adam MAZURKIEWICZ
dr hab. inż. Witold PIEKOSZEWSKI, prof. ITeE-PIB
mgr Katarzyna SŁAWIŃSKA
dr inż. Marek SWAT
prof. dr hab. inż. Marian SZCZEREK
dr hab. inż. Magdalena TRZOS, prof. ITeE-PIB
dr inż. Jacek WOJUTYŃSKI
dr inż. Andrzej ZBROWSKI

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