Prototype and experimental production is realised at the Prototype Department in which the activity in the area of design, manufacturing and implementation of prototype mechanical and mechatronic devices is conducted. The implementation activity is directed towards automation of technological and maintenance processes in the industry. The subject matter of the undertakings executed at the centre concerns the construction of new devices for the support of manufacturing processes and the maintenance and modernisation of existing technological solutions. The centre offers novel, unique research and test, and control and measurement apparatus that can be applied both in a laboratory and an industrial environment. The centre specialises in the realisation of original, small-scale projects. Besides, the centre executes R&D undertakings in the domain of construction and production of specialised manufacturing tools.

           The detailed scope of activity of the centre is as follows:

-       design and production of test and measurement and control apparatus;

-       construction and production of unique technological devices;

-       manufacturing of prototype devices developed at other departments of the Institute;

-       design and production of specialised technological instrumentation.

           Within the centre there are two main structural units: the Design Department and the Prototype Department and a quality control laboratory equipped with top class coordinate measuring device. All R&D tasks realised at the Centre meet the requirements of Quality System complying with the ISO 9001 norm and are TÜV Certified.

Research areas

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