Textile Technologies

The Textile Technologies Department in Lodz realises R&D tasks in the domain of innovative manufacturing technologies focused on the following topics:

-       fibre extraction from plants;

-       consolidation of unconventional textile and fibrous products;

-       new fibrous composite products for agricultural technology, ecohydrology and construction industry;

-       diagnosis and assessment of textile goods manufacturing;

-       design and development of novel specialist test and measurement apparatus complying with European standards;

-       development of model test stands, experimental installations and prototypes in the field of textile technologies;

-       recycling of textiles.

All the undertakings are of a transdisciplinary character and are based on a close cooperation with scientific centres in the Lodz region. Cooperation with the industry has led to the development of complete technological lines for manufacturing.

Marek Wiśniewski

  • prof. dr hab. inż.
    Marek Wiśniewski
  • manager
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  • ul. Hipoteczna 6, 91-335 Łódź
  • (+48) 42 640-70-54
  • dr inż. Katarzyna Dziedziczak
  • mgr. inż. Bogusław Kowalski
  • mgr inż. Tomasz Kowalewski
  • Barbara Janas
  • Piotr Ignatowicz
  • Piotr Nowakowski
  • Mirosław Spruch

Research areas

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